Capital Markets

We have been heavily involved in this area, being associated with both the creation of the Bucharest Stock Exchange during 1995 - 1996 and the markets restructuring conducted ten years later, when our Firm advised with respect to the transformation of the Bucharest Stock Exchange from a public institution into a joint stock company and the merger of Bucharest Stock Exchange and RASDAQ.

We have also been involved in the creation of the Central Depositary and the Investors’ Compensation Fund.

Our attorneys in this practice have been involved in:

  • major transactions on the Romanian capital markets
  • private placements, major IPOs and other public offerings
  • guidance for listing and delisting projects for companies or investment funds on the Romanian stock exchanges, including pioneering squeeze-out procedures
  • state bonds and other public sector debt instruments transactions
  • specific regulatory advice on securities, various type debts, equity & derivatives offerings, insider dealing
  • mortgage backed securities and mortgage bonds
  • licensing and registration of funds and investment firms
  • stock options plans
  • shareholders disputes

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