Data Privacy

The fast advancement in technology provides, like never before, tremendous opportunities to understand and engage with customers, investors and stakeholders. As technology advances, personal data has become a valuable business asset, more and more information being collected, stored and exchanged all over the world, by both the public and private sectors. Properly and carefully managed, it can strengthen relationships, improve products and provide competitive advantages on the market.

It was only natural for the data protection to acquire an increasingly significance. With significant enforcement and penalties for breach, the data protection regulations and the protection of personal privacy have become a top priority for all businesses.

Our data protection specialists have extensive experience in advising on all aspects relating to data protection regulations and the protection of personal privacy, as well as a long standing practical experience in solving issues related to ensuring compliance. We provide our clients with expertise knowledge and experience in the field of data protection, combined with consistent, practical and business focused advice.

Our legal advice covers a full range of data protection and privacy matters including:

  • drafting and implementing privacy policies, processor instructions and processor agreements, cookie policies and terms of use for websites;
  • carrying out audit and risk assessments;
  • advising on data protection issues arising for employers, including video surveillance, monitoring and recording of communications to, from and within their business and processing of sensitive personal data;
  • advising on data protection issues associated with corporate transactions and transfer of personal data in connection with business transfers;
  • cross-border processing of personal data, including in connection with processing of personal data in cloud solutions, e-commerce, subscription systems and other IT solutions;
  • data security and response procedures in case of data security breaches;
  • investigations concerning compliance with data protection regulations;
  • notifications to and obtaining of authorizations from the local Data Privacy Authority.


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