Articles - Year 2003

Under the significant development of the Romanian real estate market expected for the coming years, a series of important amendments have been made to the legal framework governing the constructions’ authorization and execution.

MORTGAGE LOAN COMPANIES - 29 October 2003 (Invest Romania)
In anticipation of the substantial effects which might be seen over the domestic economy by a sustainable development of the mortgage market, and also, in consideration of the attempt to alleviate contemporary severe social needs (that, actually, do not allow the freedom of plurality of options in this respect), Romania has been working steadily in the past years to set up and implement an operative market for the mortgage loans.

National Oil Company Petrom – the privatization approach - 5 September 2003 (Invest Romania)
According to the Romanian Government, a strategic investor, Petrom’s employees and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development shall act as key players within the privatization process of the National Oil Company Petrom.

Should traders be concerned by the change in procedural rules? - 17 July 2003 (Invest Romania)
Considered as having a specific character, requiring a simpler and expeditious judging, the commercial law cases have been granted distinctive procedural rules since the amendment of the Romanian Civil Procedure Code made in 2000 that were applied during the year 2001.

Factoring – a financing alternative for exporters - 26 June 2003 (Invest Romania)
Once regarded as an intangible financing solution in Romania, factoring became lately a real trade finance alternative for Romanian exporters under the conditions of a more and more competitive market.

Copyright on contracted software products - 22 May 2003 (Invest Romania)
Usually intended to be used by producers as comprehensive “safeguard measure” under commercial agreements, the formula all intellectual property rights reserved does not necessarily meet the requirements of protection when it comes to software products.


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