Articles - Year 2006

Amendments to the public procurement regime - 11 August 2006 (Insight)
The legal framework applicable to public procurement has been subject to a process of alignment to the aquis communautaire, following the steps described in the Strategy for the reform of the public procurement system.

New coordinates for leasing activities - 10 August 2006 (Invest Romania)
The change of the legal framework applicable to financial leasing companies, initiated by their acknowledgment as IFNs, continued with the passing of Law no. 287/2006 amending the GO no. 51/1997 on leasing operations and activities (“Law no. 287/2006”).

Anticompetitive practices - 16 May 2006 (Insight)
The competition legal framework underwent an intense harmonization process over the past three years.

Non-bank financial institutions - 7 April 2006 (Invest Romania)
Aimed at controlling the consumers’ overindebtedness, having also as background the maturity and need to establish an appropriate regulatory framework for the financial market, the Government has passed the Ordinance no. 28/2006 concerning financial measures (GO no 28/2006).

Municipal loans – advantages and limits - 16 March 2006 (Invest Romania)
Part of municipal management, financing development programs and projects represents, in terms of complexity, a difficult task for the local administration.

More flexible labor relationships - 22 February 2006 (Insight)
The recent amendment of the Labor Code by Government Emergency Ordinance 65/2005, approved at the end of last year by law, aimed at fostering the business environment by emerging labor relationships from the grey zone.

Towards a more flexible insurance market - 6 February 2006 (Insight)
From a regulatory point of view, the end of the previous year was marked by significant amendments brought to Law no. 32/2000 on insurance companies and insurance supervision („Law no. 32/2000”) by Government Emergency Ordinance no. 201/2005 („OUG nr. 201/2005”).


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